We open on a luxury clothing shop in the P.C. Hooftstraat in Amsterdam. ‘…and enjoy your new clothes ma’m’, says the cashier, when she pushes five bags (with nondescript fashion brand logos) towards a woman.

The woman turns and walks away. Cashier: ‘Madam? Sorry, ma’m?

The woman doesn’t react. The cashier looks flabbergasted at her colleague. Her colleague looks at her, raises an eyebrow and shakes her head.

We cut to the entrance of the shop where the cashier stands with her hands full of bags searching for the woman. ’Ma’m!’, she says.

Suddenly a car trunk opens. It’s a BMW 5 Series in front of the shop. The cashier is surprised. The woman sits behind the steering wheel, looks out of her window, moves her head back, smiles friendly, and says: ‘It’s open’.

A positive track starts. A big title appears a choir sings: ‘GET SPOILED… ’

Followed by: ‘… with a spacious BMW 5 Series Touring. Rent it now for only 88 euros per day. Get Spoiled and download the Sixt app now.’

Final shot: the woman drives off fast in her rental car. She honks twice and waves friendly out of her window.